05.October.2017 * President Donald Trump ensuring Americans that they are protected… “You are protected…” ~ “I will give you paper towel…” And look what happened… * US Government in disarray. Too much on its plate… and constantly in reanimation mode…


Video No. 1
President Donald Trump statement at 10.21: “You are protected… You are protected…”
Sure: I know that since I don’t believe for a second about what he says…

Video No. 2
Trump Throws Paper Towels To Puerto Ricans

Video No. 3
Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock placed camera INSIDE massacre hotel room.

Las Vegas madman Stephen Paddock set up a camera inside his hotel room during his deadly shooting rampage — and other surveillance in the hallway to alert him as cops closed in on him, officials said.

The shooter had placed a camera by the peephole in his room at the Mandalay Bay Casino, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill. Earlier, ABC News had reported he had a camera in his room to record himself.

Paddock also wired up two cameras in the hallway outside his room, McMahill said.

Police officials said the cameras had been meant to help Paddock watch out for cops, though it is not clear how he might have been monitoring them.

Paddock killed 59 people and injured more than 500 in the worst mass shooting in US history.

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Video No. 4
Photos emerge of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s body and there is a NOTE?

Video No. 5
Stephen Paddock’s note he left behind before he committed suicide.


DETAILS emerging from Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas hotel room have revealed the extent of the gunman’s meticulous planning and potential signs the hotel may have missed.

Pictures from the scene show the 64-year-old’s body next to his weapons and spent ammunition. On the table next to him is what appears to be a note, written on pink paper.

While the existence of a note and its potential contents are yet to be confirmed by police, hotel staff have revealed the retired accountant kept a “Do Not Disturb” sign on his room for days before carrying out the massacre.

It’s also emerged Paddock had been collecting guns since 1982 and bought 33 guns in the last year, including one the day he checked into the hotel.

Jill Snyder, the special agent in charge at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, told CBS he bought 33 firearms, mostly rifles, between October 2016 and September 28 this year.

Guns and Guitars general manager Christopher Sullivan said he felt “physically sick” from the knowledge but denied doing anything wrong.

“We do everything right, we can’t control what someone does once they leave this store,” he said.

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A few possible conspiracy theories scenarios:

1.There is a sort of revolution or up rising going on and some tries to break through ring of mass media silence about it,

2. He was working for the mob laundering money (wining here, losing here -> that way) and they used him in the war between government that is controlled by part of mafia and the other part of the mafia that government wish to destroy (see movie: The Infiltrator based on factual events),

3. Trump administration wish to change topic form its Russia (also mafia) investigation.



War with North Korea – Closer Than Ever…

A global strike to disarm North Korea would be possible, yet its outcome uncertain, as it is a “closed state,” Russian President Vladimir Putin stated.

“Let us speak to the point, after all – can someone launch a global disarming strike? Indeed. Will it reach its targets? It’s unclear because no one knows for sure what is where,” Putin said while addressing the 2017 International Forum on Energy Efficiency on Wednesday.

He added there is no “100 percent knowledge” about North Korea’s objects as it is “a closed country.”

Meanwhile, Putin said, coercive rhetoric against Pyongyang and attempts “to speak from a position of strength” only give more power to the North Korean leadership.

The Russian leader urged all sides to cool down their rhetoric and engage in dialogue.

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Video No. 6
Launching strike on N. Korea possible, but outcome would be uncertain – Putin

Video No. 7
Experts Agree: Trump Is Planning Limited North Korean Strike Next Month.
(published on Jul 11, 2017)



Despite the $12.5 billion annual price tag for US involvement in Afghanistan, the US will continue its longest war indefinitely so that the Taliban don’t think they can “wait us out,” top Pentagon officials told Congress.

A bolstered offensive against the Taliban will drive the insurgents to a reconciliation that will end the war, US Defense Secretary James Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, testifying alongside Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford.

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People have spoken… Catalonia is Independent State!

The president of Catalonia has said he will put the results of the independence referendum, deemed illegal by Madrid, into effect by next week, and urge Madrid not to intervene. It comes as Spain’s King Felipe VI has vowed to uphold constitutional order.

In an interview to the BBC on Tuesday, the breakaway region’s president, Carles Puigdemont, said he does not plan to delay the declaration of independence for much longer and is ready to “act at the end of this week or the beginning of next.”

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The leftovers of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could try to form a new terrorist network after its eventual defeat in the Middle East, Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Aleksandr Bortnikov warns.

The terrorists have been “almost defeated while attempting to build their caliphate in Iraq and Syria,” he noted.

Yet, “the leaders of IS and other international terrorist groups have defined their global strategic objective as the creation of a new, worldwide terrorist network,” Bortnikov stated at a meeting of security services and law enforcement agencies from Russia and 73 other countries in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

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Tropical Storm Nate, expected later today, to hit Gulf Coast as a hurricane

OCTOBER 04, 2017 11:12 AM