19.November.2016 ~ How little Justice Means in America….



We had a chance to talk today (around afternoon) with our church goer Dianne Knight who is advocate of health safety and justice. She informed us that using wifi internet is illegal and very harmful for us.


Dianne Knight a few generation Canadian speaking the truth

After my conversation our internet connection (that we have with Yak Communication) deteriorated and is almost hardly usable now. Our radio is down and we can’t log to our stream to fix it or access certain pages on the net. Quite normal… if you know what I mean.

Please Visit Link below with 6 years of data collecting done by brave Canadians that decided to stand for freedom of speech and common decency.

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Exit polls from the 2016 presidential election showed Hillary Clinton winning four crucial swing states that, when the final vote tallies came in, were actually won by Donald Trump. The discrepancy between the exit poll results and the raw vote total count has led to suspicions that the election was “rigged” in favor of Trump.

Was it? And what do the exit polls actually tell us about who won the election?

Using exit poll totals compiled by election researcher Theodore de Macedo Soares, seen in the table below on this page as well as available at this link, compared to an ongoing tally of raw votes totals posted at this link by Dave Wasserman of Cook Political Report, here is the discrepancy that has caused the suspicions of what Trump himself would call a “rigged election.”

Note that actual vote totals are compiled as of November 16.

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Editorial Note:

Why Hillary lost… ? For sure because she was surrounded by snakes who recorded things like that and next allowed them to be leaked out!

Editorial Note:

Possible evidence of Russian involvement into financing US presidential election…


Stephen Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s top strategist pick, reveals the magical ingredient behind success and power to be “darkness,” and explains how Trump’s rivals’ blindness only plays into his hands in a new interview.

“Darkness is good,” Bannon told The Hollywood Reporter’s Michael Wolff in a rare interview. “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

Bannon, who replaced Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort in August, and has since been promoted to White House “chief strategist,” has faced fierce criticism from Democrats and civil rights groups for alleged racism and anti-Semitism.

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Editorial Note:

It is going to be the darkest period in history of USA so far… Not that I hate it …. Not that I like it!



A Piper PA 31 plane has crashed in the city of Elko, Nevada under unknown circumstances, officials said. NBC affiliate KRNV report that there were at least 4 people on board, citing local authorities.

Per a police scanner, local business Sierra Java is offering shelter to evacuated residents. Sierra Java is located near the Gold Dust West Elko casino, which is about a half-mile from a regional airport.

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A number of Twitter accounts belonging to the biggest names in media, entertainment, and other spheres have apparently been hacked. All of the affected accounts posted ads leading to what appears to be a spam website.

Sky News and New Yorker magazine were the first to go, as well as accounts belonging to gaming giants Playstation and Xbox. These were then followed by accounts belonging to celebrities, such as Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen and Argentinian football champion Lionel Messi – as well as the account of Scientific American magazine.

The affected accounts began to tweet out strange messages containing the same link, which urged users to “gain more Twitter followers.”

Other accounts affected now include the Red Cross, The Economist, The X Factor, and My Little Pony.

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Editorial Note:

Since late afternoon we experience also very and almost not useful internet service. I wonder why…!


As bacteria evolves to fight antibiotics, the most likely to suffer are children with immature immune systems. New evidence that the power of antibiotics is fading fast has been gleaned from a decade-long study of child patients.

Scientists are in a race to develop new medicine to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria as infection rates soar. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that infections from P. aeruginosa – relatively common bacteria that can cause skin rashes and ear infections – have grown increasingly antibiotic resistant.

The bacterium isn’t harmless, as it’s been known to cause severe symptoms leading to death. The alarming findings, which are outlined in the latest issue of the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, come as the result of a decade-long survey involving child patients aged 11-17 from 300 hospitals across the United States.

It was discovered that 15.4 percent of P. aeruginosa bacteria were resistant to at least three types of antibiotics in 1999, but that number exploded to 26 percent by 2012.

Even more worrisome, the number of infections from P. aeruginosa has increased in children.


Despite P. aeruginosa being relatively commonplace, the bacteria “can be serious and are associated with significant morbidity and mortality,” author Latania K. Logan, a doctor with Rush University Medical Center, says. In some cases, there is risk of prolonged illness bringing about complications that can result in death in extreme cases.

“Highly drug-resistant P. aeruginosa infections leave health care providers with limited – or sometimes no –antibiotic choices available, and these antibiotics are less safe and more toxic in children,” added author Sumanth Gandra of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy.

Even more troubling is that the effectiveness of carbapenems, a broad-spectrum antibiotic thought of as a last resort for antibiotic resistant bacteria, has decreased. In 1999, only 9.4 percent of bacteria were resistant to carbapenems, but by 2012 that number had doubled to 20 percent, meaning that there is a one in five chance that the strongest antibiotic will not be effective in killing bacteria.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria have been an ongoing international concern for some time now, but the people most likely to suffer are children, who have weaker, less developed immune systems and are more susceptible to infection. The CDC hopes that these findings inspire improved tracking of antibiotic resistant bacteria in order to improve prevention strategies.

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Angela Merkel is expected to announce that she will run in Germany’s 2017 general election, ruling CDU party officials said in defiance of speculations that she would bow out due to enormous pressure over her “open-door policy” towards refugees.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has led Germany for the 11 years since 2005, is expected to announce that she will run for another term during a Sunday meeting of her party’s leadership in Berlin, German media report.

According to Elmar Brok, a top CDU official in charge of European Union affairs cited by Die Zeit, “everyone knows she will run again,” as “there are no other candidates [in the ruling coalition].”

Earlier this week, Norbert Roettgen, chairman of the Bundestag foreign affairs committee and one of Merkel’s aides, told CNN’s Amanpour program that the Chancellor is keen to carry on.

“She will run for chancellor,” Roettgen said, stressing “she is absolutely determined, willing, and ready to contribute to strengthen the international liberal order. But we can’t see the chancellor or Germany as last man standing.”

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The neurosurgeon behind what will be the world’s first head transplant plans to use virtual reality to help patients prepare for life with a new body.

Speaking in Glasgow on Friday, Italian professor Sergio Canavero revealed virtual reality technology that will allow patients to prepare for life after a successful transplant.

“This virtual reality system prepares the patient in the best possible way for a new world that he will be facing with his new body,” he explained.

Russian Valery Spiridonov has already volunteered to be the first head transplant patient. Spiridonov has a muscle wasting condition called Werdnig Hoffman disease and is in a wheelchair.

In May, however, Canavero said that a Chinese patient would be the first to undergo the surgery, explaining that Spiridonov could not receive a donor body in China due to biological and ethical reasons.

The neurosurgeon has not confirmed the location for the first operation, but says Asia has “the upper hand” due to its early support.

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